Effortlessly Record Your Unity Games From The Editor

Many developers struggle with using third party software to record footage of their games in Unity, but did you know that Unity provides you with an effortless tool to do this?

With Unity Recorder, you can painlessly get 4K, 60 FPS videos at the press of the button. Not only that, but it also automatically names the videos for you using wildcards (date taken, take number, scene name, etc.)

Furthermore, it’s easy to set up as it comes as a Unity package.

How to Set Up Unity Recorder

First, go to Window → Package Manager

Then, click the advanced tab and enable “Show preview packages”

Now, after enabling it, just search for “recorder” and make sure to choose “Unity Recorder”, not the other one

Finally, just click install (it shows “Remove” for me as I already have it installed)

And that’s pretty much it! Once it’s installed, to use it, simply:

  1. Go to Window → General → Recorder → Recorder Window

Tip: to avoid doing this each time you need to record, just drag and drop it in order to make it a tab. For example, I like to keep it next to my “Console” as I use it quite often.

To get started with recording, you just need to add a new “Recorder” using the plus button:

For recording purposes, you should select Movie

You can then customize some settings as in:

  • Where the recordings will be saved to
  • Wildcards based on your need that you can attach to the file name
  • The output resolution (HD, 4K, etc.) and quality (low/medium/high)
  • The target FPS
  • Capture the entire game or even just a single camera (this could be useful for debugging sometimes)
  • And some others, based on your need

You can know hit that “Start Recording” button and, after you press “Stop Recording”, it will automatically save the quality recordings to the file location you set.

Note: when you click “Start Recording”, it automatically runs the game and you can also check the box Exit PlayMode to also exit play mode when you hit the stop recording button.

For me, the biggest benefit was not the time it saved, but the fact that when I tried to record using other third party software, the footage was extremely ‘laggy’ and jittery as it was not able to record at even a stable 30 FPS.

Moreover, most third party software charge extra for 4K recording and usually have a time limit on how much you can record, so that’s a major bonus to this free tool.

Anyway, that’s it for this short tutorial. Hope you find Unity Recorder helpful in the future and happy deving!

As always, if you couldn’t get it set up for some reason, just shoot a question down below.

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