Are Software Developer Salaries Going to Decline In the Future?

Almost everywhere you will either find people boasting about how there will be this many software engineer job openings in the future or talking about the high salaries computer science majors can take home after graduating. However, is this the absolute truth or is there a hint of exaggeration to this?

Kotlin: All in One For Java Developers Wanting To Jump Right In

Kotlin, with its being made as an officially supported language for Android development, has started to gain a lot of momentum among developers due to the numerous advantages it presents over Java. Fortunately, it's similarity to Java makes it easy for those already comfortable with Java to plunge right in.

All The Tools and Software You Need to Create a Stunning Android App

Making a Android app can be an intimidating task. On top of simply writing the code for it, you have to produce all the necessary assets: logos, store listing screenshots, feature images, and videos (optional). Today, we'll look at the full package — all the tools and software — you need to be able to create each one of the necessary items for your next Android app.